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Concept boards for Alan Walker

Concept boards for Alan Walker and ROG (Republic of Gamers) commercials

Raymond has developed Concept boards to a commercial for Alan Walker and Republic of Gamers. (Concept board is a mix between storyboard and concept art, where the focus is on the design of the image concept more than the narrative and editing between the images in the film.)

MER produced the commercial and is a Norwegian music company and artist representative out of the ordinary. They have long been behind groundbreaking communication for the Norwegian international music sensation Alan Walker.

Director Kristian Berg in MER contacted me and briefed me on the concept for the commercial and what he needed to communicate the concept further to the others respectively. I was so lucky to be asked about this exciting mission. Here you can see sketches from me and the finished film.

Check out the music of Alan walker on Spotify or music videos and video content on his YouTube channel .


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